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The primary function of the Epsom Assessing Department is the maintenance of the physical data and assessment of properties within the town as of April 1st to determine their value for taxing purposes. 

The Assessing Department provides information and assistance to the general public regarding property assessments and exemptions and credits.  Although this website enhances our ability to serve the needs of the public, it does not in any way replace the personal service we provide on a daily basis at our office. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call (736-9002), email or stop by the selectmen's office.

Please visit the Assessor's Office for information relating to the following

  • Abatement and BTLA forms
  • Barn/Preservation Easements
  • Current land use
  • Excavation tax
  • Exemptions & Tax Credits
  • NH DRA forms and information
  • Property assessments
  • Timber tax

Other functions of the Assessing Office

  • Click for Property Information and Tax Maps
  • Continuous update of property assessment and owner information
  • Deed verification and updates
  • Administration of excavation and timber taxes
  • Administration of current use program
  • Administration of tax credits and exemptions
  • The review and recommendations of abatements

Additional Resources