Cemetery Trustees

The Town of Epsom has six cemeteries that are maintained by the Town under the control of the Cemetery Trustees:  McClary, Short Falls, Gossville, Bickford, Libbey and Brown.  The McClary Cemetery is the only one that has plots available for sale.  Burials are available at Short Falls and Gossville cemeteries for existing plot owners.

The Trustees are responsible for adopting bylaws and regulations for Town-owned cemeteries, preparing deeds for cemetery plots, coordinating burials with funeral homes, and preparing and expending an annual budget for the maintenance of the cemeteries.

New Rye Cemetery is a private cemetery.  For information on New Rye Cemetery plots or burials contact Don Keeler at (603) 340-5107.


Name Title
Gary Kitson Trustee
Tom Langlais Trustee
Vacant Position Trustee
Bill Clark Sexton
Virginia J. Drew Selectman's Representative

Contact Information

Gary Kitson

(603) 848-8105