Epsom Town Forest and Map

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Tarleton Road, Epsom

Includes the Epsom Summit of Nottingham Mountain with a vista of the White Mountains which include Franconia Notch, Mount Washington and more, a 10-acre millpond, Tarleton Cellar Hole and Cemetery and other foundations, trails, and native species including evidence of a diverse wildlife population.

The Epsom Town Forest consists of over 460 acres of forestland which is protected from future development.  The goal is to promote conservation, education, forest and wildlife management and outdoor recreation on this property for all individuals.

The initial 318 acres of the property was acquired for the town through the Land Conservation Investment Program and the conservation easements granted to the town by Alice and Cyril Smith of their property on Sanborn Hill including Brush Hill and Dr. Ed Jackson and his property which abuts the Town Forest on Griffin Road.  The Town Forest acreage was increased 140 acres through the generous donation of Massachusetts Scoutmaster Joe Neville.

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