Thank You to Earth Day Roadside Clean-up Volunteers

Thanks to all the Volunteers Who Help With Epsom’s Roadside Clean-up

You have seen them, walking with a trash bag. Dedicated to picking up litter. Sadly it is a job we have to do over and over again. On the road I travel each day there is a daily walker who picks up litter on her daily walks. We as neighbors on Center Hill appreciate what she does. It seems stretches of road without houses are more prone to litter. Fast food, cans, bottles are tossed out and it is hard to understand why.

To celebrate Earth Day each year the Epsom Conservation Commission asks residents to help with roadside clean-up and they are eligible for a sapling as a small reward. This year New Orchard Road, North Road, Center Hill and Mountain Road, Goboro Road, Highland Drive, Sanborn Hill, Lantern Lane, Colonial Drive, Carriage Hill, North Pembroke Road, Whitetail Drive, Elkins Road Mill House Road and Black Hall Road were just some of the roads that residents reported cleaning up. One family and the scouts helped with litter in the town Forest. Residents reported collecting over 40 bags of roadside litter. We understand Epsom Central involves school children to help with the school yard.

Perhaps you take care of your neighborhood and do it for the reward of a litter free neighborhood. On behalf of all residents in Epsom thank you for your contribution to cleaning up our roadsides. This is a beautiful rural community and your contributions contribute to the beauty.

If you are interested in Conservation and community efforts:

Contact the Epsom Conservation Commission