Unfortunately a few mailboxes have been hit by the wing plows. I do apologize if your mailbox has been hit.

It is town policy that we do not replace or fix mailboxes that are in the towns right of way.

In some cases the mailboxes were too low and not compliant to the USPS standards. The bottom of the mailbox should be 41 inches to 45 inches from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox. Our wing plows are 39 inches tall. I do prefer that your mailbox is at the higher (45 inch) elevation of the standards. And the face(door) should be 6 inches back from the edge of pavement.

Again, I do apologize if you have been a victim of mailbox damage. I can sympathize, as I have also been one of these victims. Attached is a photo of the USPS standards.

USPS Mailbox Installation Guidelines

image mailbox guidelines