Citizen of the Year

paul 2023 citizen of the year

Paul Morency
2023 Epsom Citizen of the Year

What contributions has the nominee made to the Town of Epsom, beyond the average civic responsibility and their employment?
Paul has given his time to our Town for decades. He was active in EYAA as a coach, a long-time performer in the Odd Fellows fundraisers, assisted with the Friends of the Library Mystery Shows, and worked on the 100 Hour Infothon highlighting our Town’s history. Paul has been part of the Old Home Day committees for years, helping to plan the events and being our Master of Ceremonies and working during the winter months to prepare for the event.

How has the nominee’s contributions had an impact on the Town of Epsom?
Paul’s role as Master of Ceremonies during the Old Home Day events has become a tradition in the Town and while it has been some years since his other community involvement, it is time to recognize all of his past contributions to Epsom.

Please provide any additional information you would like the Citizen of the Year Committee to take under consideration.
Not only has Paul participated in Town events, he is active at his Church and has brought the Church choir to entertain residents at the Epsom Manor. Paul gives of his time and talents to his Church, to his Town, and the surrounding communities. He has never sought any recognition for his volunteer hours, but it is time to show appreciation for this generous and dedicated resident.

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