Hazard Mitigation Committee

The Town's Hazard Mitigation Committee will be meeting to update the Epsom Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018. Every 5 years, the Plan must be updated and approved to current requirements to ensure the Town's continued eligibility for federal disaster recovery and mitigation grant project funding. Recent past and potential natural disasters, severe weather events, and other hazard events will be assessed, and critical facilities, vulnerable areas and populations will be identified. The Committee will review the existing mitigation capabilities and develop long-term risk reduction mitigation actions to help alleviate the impact of these events to Epsom's people, building, and property. 

hazard mitigation collage

Board Members

Name Title
Brian Michael Member
Andrea Novotney Member
Ted Virgin Member
Meadow Wysocki Selectmen's Representative
R. Stewart Yeaton Member
Gail Quimby Member
Scott Elliott Member
Sean Heichlinger Member
Tammy Bishop Member
Patrick Connors Member
Kaitlin Camidge Member
Hannah John Member
Georgia Perry Member